Future Extensions

  • Interdisciplinary areas

    Initial work will focus on expanding the sub-areas of Sustainable Development covered to include areas such as Biodiversity Conservation, Sustainable Consumption and Production, and Climate Change. Since the keyword methodology used by GRBS is completely general, we welcome suggestions for other areas to cover, which can be made through the discussion forum.
  • Benchmarking

    While the initial release of the GRBS focuses on research benchmarking and within that on use of bibliometrics, we recognize that this evaluates only part of one dimension of the diverse mission of universities. The GRBS will work toward broader measures for research benchmarking, including detailed funding information, commercialization, and societal impact. Longer term the initiative will also seek to address benchmarking of education and outreach activities. GRBS is currently collaborating with several members of ProSPER.Net who are working to develop indicators for these areas. We welcome you to share your opinions and ideas through the discussion forum.
  • Country and institutional coverage

    A high priority will be expansion of country coverage. Initial focus will be placed on coverage of universities in Europe. This work will be done in collaboration with EUMIDA (European University Data Collection), a project supported by the European Commission Research and Innovation Directorate-General to collect microdata on higher education institutions in all EU-27 Member States plus Norway and Switzerland. GRBS coverage of other regions is also planned in the near future. In addition, future releases will include a larger number of universities from the regions already covered by increasing the depth in each 3rd level subject area.
  • Research institutes, government agencies, others

    GRBS currently covers only universities but in many countries a significant amount is research is carried out in research institute and government agencies. Discussions are underway to broaden the scope of coverage to include research institutes, but to do this will require formulating a definition of the concept of research institute in the same way that GRBS has formally defined the concept of university for benchmarking purposes.